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Here you can find the latest news and information about us and what we are doing.

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National News

David Cameron unveils the Real Respect agenda

Long term Conservative plans to tackle Britain's deep-seated social problems.

Time for Ruth Kelly to come clean

We need straight answers to straight questions, says David Willetts.

11/01/2006 - David Cameron presses Blair to act over Iran nuclear threat

11/01/2006 - Government right to ditch terror amnesty Bill

11/01/2006 - Brown chastised over public finances

09/01/2006 - Cameron demands setting in all schools

09/01/2006 - Town halls to snoop on homeowners for ID card evasion

09/01/2006 - EU constitution: The people have already spoken

05/01/2006 - Conservatives launch Public Service Improvement Group

10/01/2006 - Conservatives send Eid Al Adha greetings

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